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Reasonable Compensation Computation

This service involves conducting an interview with shareholders of an S-Corp or members of an LLC filing taxes as an S-Corp, who also perform services for the company for which they receive wages. 

I will compute a figure based on the information provided and data on your industry and services that takes the guesswork out of determining what is reasonable.  With this information you will have support for what you pay yourself as wages, which lessens the likelihood for a challenge by the IRS. 

If the IRS determines that the wages you paid yourself were not reasonable compensation, they could re-characterize your income and which could subject you to additional taxes and penalties when you least expect it. 

Here's what you need to do to get started:

1.  Schedule an initial consultation to assess your situation.  This session is free.  Book online link at the top of the page and clicking "Book it" button next to the service.     

2.  After the initial meeting we'll schedule the meeting where I will conduct the interview to determine a reasonable compensation figure for you.  This session is billed at my hourly rate.

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Reasonable Compensation: Service
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